Publicerad: 2022-06-14

We now have two positions out, one or two researchers/analysts and one postdoctoral fellow in Economic History.


Researchers/analysts (1–2) who will be working with a project on the global enterprise of science and geopolitics. The project, led by Sylvia Schwaag Serger, studies the development of international scientific cooperation against the backdrop of changes in the international rules-based global order, converging (or diverging?) global research ethics and norms, and increasingly urgent global societal challenges which require international coordination and cooperation within research, development, and regulation.

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Postdoctoral fellow in Economic History

The holder will conduct independent research in Economic History. She/he must be willing to interact with the students and to participate actively in the common activities of the Department of Economic History. The position involves a limited amount of teaching and/or supervision of Bachelor and Master's Theses (maximum of 20%). The scope of the position shall also provide an opportunity for training in teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to at least three weeks.

Read more and apply no later than August 8