Sharp performance by the winners of BI Case Competition 2021 Nordic Edition

Publicerad: 2021-03-01

Following the win at LUSEM case competition, the student team EcoSpark Advisory qualified to compete in BI International Case Competition 2021 Nordic Edition, meeting other teams from top Nordic universities. During the competition the competing teams solved two live cases. The LUSEM team won the first case and performed excellent on the second.

Team EcoSpark Advisory: Oskar Munck af Rosenschöld, William Ramshage, Victoria Helin and Pontus Govenius,

Team Eco Spark Advisory – consisting of the undergraduate students Oskar Munck af Rosenschöld, Pontus Govenius, Victoria Helin and William Ramshage – won the case presented by Sbanken, one of the leading banks in Norway. Sbanken has a digital profile and works according to its “fair deal principle”; happy owners, happy employees and happy customers.

Through an innovative solution that cannot be found on the market today, the jurors found the solution of EcoSpark Advisory the winning one.

“Consumer loans has long been hard to match with the fair deal because of the nature of unsecured debt, potentially leaving some customers in a financially disadvantageous position. This mismatch was what the teams were tasked to solve,” says Pontus Govenius.

Before the competition, the team was coached by LUSEM Case Academy, and associate professor Ulf Ramberg was their coach during the competition.

“This was only the second time the team competed in a case competition. I must say that I´m very impressed of the team’s performance. They really aced the case and presented a solution that Sbanken was very interested in implementing. They acted as true case ambassadors for LUSEM during the whole competition,” says Ulf Ramberg.

Presented their solutions to the management team of Sbanken

After the case competition, the team was invited to present their solutions to the executive management of Sbanken. The CEO, CFO, CRO and CCO participated in the presentation that was followed up by questions.

“To meet the top management of Sbanken and get to present our solution was really an experience that the whole team appreciated and enjoyed. The team at Sbanken are really sharp people with a lot of experience, so to say that we learned a lot from getting their feedback on our ideas would be an understatement,” says William Ramshage.

The team had a clear strategy on how they would take on the competition.

“Early in the process we found what everyone was good at. Focusing on the solution, we started off by reading up on the case and industry, followed by brainstorming sessions on how to solve the case. Then we proceeded to working on our own focus areas to make sure the final solution was covered holistically,” says Victoria Helin.

“Through questioning our solution iteratively, we found a realistic yet innovative approach that we could back up with trends and numbers,” adds Oskar Munck af Rosenschöld. 

Despite working hard, the team also focused on enjoying the experience.

“The week was intense with a lot of laughter and debates among our team members. But through hard work and a good team spirit we came up with a solution we were happy with,” says Pontus Govenius.

Qualified by winning LUSEM Case Competition

Team EcoSpark Advisory qualified to BI International Case Competition 2021 Nordic Edition by winning LUSEM Case Competition. Master's student Sophie Bönnelyche was in the original team, but could not compete in BI:s competition aimed for undergraduate level students.

Meet EcoSpark Advisory – winners of LUSEM Case Competition 2021

The team

Oskar Munck af Rosenschöld
BSc in International Business. Advisor to the Board of Lundaekonomerna student union. 

Pontus Govenius
BSc in Business and Economics. Board member of Lundaekonomerna student union.

Victoria Helin
BSc in Business and Economics. Runs her own company within data analysis in the fintech industry.

William Ramshage
MSc in Statistics and BSc in Business and Economics. Amanuensis at the Department of Statistics and tutoring bachelors’ students in statistics.


Ulf Ramberg, associate professor in business administration, member of LUSEM Case Academy.

About BI Case Competition 2021 Nordic Edition

BI International Case Competition Nordic Edition 2021 invited prestigious schools from the Nordics to compete in solving real business cases. The competition was held digitally during two weeks, where the team presentations and the second case presentation and solving took place during an intense week, 16–19 February. The LUSEM team won the first case and performed excellent on the second, which was won by Copenhagen Business School. The competing teams came from:

  • Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
  • BI Norwegian Business School
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Lund University School of Economics and Management
  • Norwegian School of Economics
  • Reykjavik University
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Agder

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