Oatly's John Schoolcraft on fearless leadership


John Schoolcraft is the Global Chief Creative Officer at Oatly who removed the marketing department and created their Department of Mind control instead. John has an altogether unique view of on leadership in marketing.


This event is part of A part of the How to be a Change Maker talks and Lund University’s Future Week, 18-24 October 2021. View the program (in Swedish) – lu.se/framtidsveckan

John Schoolcraft is the Global Chief Creative Officer at Oatly who replaced the marketing department with the world famous Department of Mind Control. A new way of leading creative teams in business, which arguably led to Oatly's big breakthrough.

In this talk, John will be paired with Carys Egan-Wyer, researcher and teacher at LUSEM, expert in consumption and retail with a strong interest in sustainability. The talk will raise points such as creating a movement for oat drinks, pioneering an industry with other strong actors and how or if it is possible to have a sustainable growth strategy.


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About How to be a Change Maker

As a part of the Change Maker Future Track, this talk is one of the parts needed for change - inspiration! We invite guest speakers on the theme "How to be a change maker", where they speak about their exciting work to drive sustainable development. We also invite researchers to comment from their perspective, and act as debaters with the guests.

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19 oktober 2021


This is an online meeting.


Project Manager at Sustainable Future Hub, Martina Oxling