Nationella Redovisningskonferensen på Ekonomihögskolan, 1-2 December 2022

Program för Nationella Redovisningskonferensen


Paper - dag 1

“The average professional: On the selection and socialization of auditors”- - - Thomas Carrington, Tobias Johansson, Gustav Johed & Peter Öhman
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“Accounting for migration: an inquiry into a sprawling research conversation”
- Amanda Curry, Johan Sandström, Stig Westerdahl & Birgitta Vitestam
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”Management accounting on the drawing board: challenges and dilemmas of a course designer”
- Anders Hersinger
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Paper - dag 2

“The strategic apex role in shaping a disclosure strategy: a family firm in crisis”
- Mattias Sandgren, Timur Uman, Mattias Nordqvist
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“A faustian bargain: The acceptance of fair value accounting”
- Liesel Klemcke
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“Due-diligence and private environmental disclosure”
- Natalia Berg
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“Institutional forces in reporting practice – effects of sustainability and the EU-taxonomy on the Swedish Real Estate Market”
- Christian Koch, John Lindgren, Hira Shahid & Jeaneth Johansson
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