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What are the key leadership attributes in large organisations, and how can a degree from LUSEM help manage complex dilemmas within digital transformation? This and more when Meta employee Anna Lerner Nesbitt joins us for the next How to be a Change Maker Talk.

Anna Lerner Nesbitt joins us for the next How to be a Change Maker Talk.

Part of the How to be a Change Maker Talks, where interesting change makers from the industry speak on how they make change, followed by a discussion with a LUSEM researcher and Q & A with the audience.

Anna is Global Strategic Partnerships Lead at Meta, formerly known as Facebook. She leads Meta’s partnership response to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused on empowering people and organisations to advance the UN SDGs, specifically through the use of data. Throughout her career across public relations in Brussels, NGOs in Southern Africa, the World Bank in Washington DC and now Meta in Silicon Valley, Anna has focused on technology and data as tools to improve development and humanitarian outcomes.  

Anna graduated from LUSEM in 2007 with a Master’s in Economics. In her talk, Anna will share some key leadership attributes that have helped her successfully drive change in a range of different organisations, sectors and countries. She will also share thoughts on how her degree from Lund University has helped her manage some of the very complex dilemmas that come with social settings and digital transformation.

The LUSEM commenter for this talk will be Senior lecturer in Economics Pontus Hansson. A cherished teacher by many, his main areas of research are macro economics within economic growth and finance politics.

Eleni Cronström will moderate the talk.


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About How to be a Change Maker Talks

This talk is one of the parts needed for change — inspiration! We invite guest speakers on the theme ”How to be a change maker”, where they speak about their exciting work to drive sustainable development. We also have Q & A:s with the audience and invite researchers to comment from their perspective, and act as debaters with the guests.

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30 november 2021


This is an online meeting.


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