How to do business that impacts the world with Rebecka Carlsson


Climate activist Rebecka Carlsson on How to be a Change Maker, in a talk with Per Mickwitz.

How to be a Change Maker with Rebecka Carlsson and Per Mickwitz

Hear Rebecka Carlsson speak about how we can stop climate change fast enough, good examples of pioneering sustainable business models, what really needs to happen to make a difference and much more.

Rebecka is a sustainability entrepreneur and climate activist. She is a graduate of exponential technologies at Singularity University at NASA and social entrepreneurship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

While working as a political expert for Sweden's Minister of Climate and Environment and Deputy Prime Minister she, among other things, were instrumental in the Swedish part of Parisavtalet. Today she acts as an advisor to startups and established companies that want to develop pioneering sustainable business models and she has now written a book, Exponential Climate Change.

In this talk, we will pair her up with esteemed researcher and Pro vice-chancellor Per Mickwitz. He is a professor of The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics.
Eleni Cronström will moderate the talk.

Find the talk here on Youtube (for a limited time!)


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About How to be a Change Maker

As a part of the Change Maker Future Track, this talk is one of the parts needed for change - inspiration! We invite guest speakers on the theme "How to be a change maker", where they speak about their exciting work to drive sustainable development. We also invite researchers to comment from their perspective, and act as debaters with the guests.

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6 oktober 2021


This is an online meeting.


Project Manager at Sustainable Future Hub, Martina Oxling