Fast as a Gazelle – Young Firms Gaining from Educational Diversity


Welcome to this CIRCLE seminar about Educational Diversity with Carita Eklund.

The seminar is jointly organised by the CIRCLE research themes "Entrepreneurial Experimentation" and "International Businesses, Technology and Innovation".

Guest speaker
Dr. Carita Eklund from Aarhus University and the University of Vaasa.

Young, high growth firms, so called gazelles, are an important source of growth and industry dynamics. However, our understanding is lacking on how knowledge competences support high growth among young firms. This article aims to fill this gap by utilizing firm and employee knowledge stocks, and diversity in educational backgrounds. The firm’s stock of knowledge capital is measured by intangible capital that is calculated from organizational, product development and ICT investments. The employees’ knowledge stock is approximated by their completed educational degrees. Our data origins to Danish registers and covers 2000–2016. The findings indicate that intangible capital has a potential to increase the likelihood of becoming a gazelle. We further find that educational diversity is beneficial but is moderated by firms’ knowledge intensity.
Who can join the seminar
The seminar is open to all CIRCLE members and affiliates as well as others interested in the topic. Contact Torben Schubert to receive the zoom-link to the seminar.

10 februari 2022


This is an online meeting.


Torben Schubert