EKH Seminar: Guilherme Lambais


Seminar titel: The Reckoning of Brazil

Guilherme Lambais University of Lisboa will present a seminar titled:

The Reckoning of Brazil


Abstract: More enslaved Africans were disembarked in Brazil than in any other country. Using new archival data, we establish living standards for three and a half centuries (1574 to 1920) in Bahia, the heart of Brazil’s early settlement and still one of its most important states today. We use slave trade prohibition shocks to show a causal effect of slave imports on free workers’ wages. The prohibition had a large positive effect on the level of unskilled wages and on relative wages between unskilled and skilled workers. Our results show that slavery affected long-run development levels through a labor market supply channel.

25 oktober 2023


Ideon Alfa1:1104
Scheelevägen 15B
223 63 Lund