Irvine Lapsley

KEFU Visiting Professor

Research Interests

Public sector reforms: particularly the Audit Society, the role of accounting and transparency in New Public Management, Performance Management in public services and the impact of the Global Fiscal Crisis on government activities. This includes research on charities, government (local and central) and the NHS.

Research Activities

Director, Institute of Public Sector Accounting Research (IPSAR), University of Edinburgh Business School

Editor, Financial Accountability & Management

Co Chair (with D. Hatherly) The New Thinking Group

Co Chair (with P. Miller, LSE) The New Public Sector Research Workshop

Co Chair (with M. Jegers (VUB) and B. Helmig (Mannheim) The EIASM Third Sector Research Workshop

Chair, Scientific Committee, The EIASM Public Sector Conference

Member, CIMA Research Board

Recent Invited Lectures

Global Accounting & Organisational Change Conference, July 2012, Kuala Lumpur

Performance Evaluation and Public Policies, Research Workshop, Universita degli studi di Roma, Tor Vergata, April, 2012

ENROAC Conference, Lisbon, June 2011

Corte Dei Conti, Rome, April 2011

EAA Congress, Plenary Debate on the Global Fiscal Crisis, Rome, April 2011

SSPA, Rome, December, 2010

Department of Accounting, University of Zaragoza, June, 2010.

KPMG Lecture, Queens University Belfast, February 2010

University College Dublin, December 2009

Research Appointments

Visiting Professor, University of Zaragoza, 2000

Visiting Professor, University of Sydney, 2007

Visiting Professor, University of Mannheim, 2009-

Visiting Professor, Lund University, 2010-

Visiting Professor, Politecnico di Milano, 2012-

Recent Publications

 The NPM Agenda: Back to the Future, Financial Accountability & Management, Vol.24 No 1, February 2008, pp 77-96

 (with G. Robbins) Irish Voluntary Hospitals: An examination of a theory of voluntary failure, Accounting, Business and Financial History, Vol. 18 No 1, March, 2008, pp61-80

(with M. Arnaboldi) Making Management Auditable: The Implementation of Best Value in Local Government, Abacus, Vol. 44, No 1, 2008,pp 22-47

(with M. Ezzamel, N. Hyndman, A. Johnsen), Eds., Accounting in Politics: Devolution and Democratic Accountability, Routledge (2008)

(with A.Gamble) The Westminster Model of Government: Tensions and Challenges, pp 8- 17 in Ezzamel et al, Accounting in Politics , 2008

(with A. Midwinter) Accounting and Democratic Accountability in Scotland, pp74-91 in Ezzamel et al, Accounting in Politics , 2008

New Public Management: Cruellest Invention of the Human Spirit?, Abacus, Vol. 45, No 1, 2009,pp 1-21

(with M.Arnaboldi) On the Implementation of Accrual Accounting: A Study of Conflict and Ambiguity, European Accounting Review, Vol.18, No 4, 2009, pp. 809-836

(with P. Miller, F. Panozzo) Accounting for the City, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 23, No 3, 2010, pp 305-324

(with M. Arnaboldi) Asset Management in Cities: Polyphony in Action?, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 23, No 3,2010, pp 392-419

(with F. Giordano) Congestion Charging: A Tale of Two Cities, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 23, No 5, 2010, pp671-697

(with A. Midwinter) The Modernisation of the State: The UK Comprehensive Spending Review, Revue Francaise d`Administration Publique, No. 136, 2010, pp821-836.

(with V. Lambert), Leadership and Governance in R. Taylor (ed) Third Sector Research, Springer, New York, 2010

(with J. Lonsdale), The Audit Society: Helping to Develop or Undermine Trust in Government? in M. Adler (ed). Administrative Justice in Context, Hart, 2010

(with A. Midwinter, T. Nambiar and I. Steccolini), Government Budgeting, Power and Negotiated Order, Management Accounting Research, Vol. 22, No.1,  March, 2011, pp.16-25

(with V. Lambert) Bringing Business Expertise into Charities, in A.Heilmair, Y.Russ, H.Sturm , T.Zitzmann, (eds) Verbandmanagement , Gabler Verlag,2011

Shedding Light or Obfuscation? Audit in an NPM World.pp13-25 in (eds. G.Tria and G. Valotti) Reforming the Public Sector? How to Make the Difference? Brookings Institution, 2012

Accounting Mutations: Accrual Accounting in the UK Public Sector, pp49-64  in (ed. F.Capalbo) L`applicazione della contabilita economica nel settore pubblico: aspettative, risultati e critica G.Giappichelli Editore (Torino) 2012

(with D.Agostino) City - Charity Partnerships and the Financial Crisis: Case Study Evidence, Public Management Review, Vol. 15. No.5, pp 633-656, 2013

(with M.Ezzamel, N.Hyndman and A.Johnsen), Reforming Central Government: An Evaluation of An Accounting Innovation, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, forthcoming, 2013

“It is a pleasure being involved with the academic community at Lund University. They undertake really interesting research. Their research is distinctive in the way they theorise about real world dilemmas in the world of practice. Scholarly engagement with meaningful management issues”

Irvine Lapsley
On being Visiting Professor at Lund University School of Economics and Management

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